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This vaccine contains no live bacteria and cannot cause meningitis. If your child experiences meningitis like symptoms after having this vaccine you should contact your doctor or local Accident and Emergency Department immediately to rule out other causes. These symptoms include neck pain, neck stiffness or a dislike of light (photophobia), drowsiness or confusion,

Talking about the challenges faced in shooting the film

Talking about the challenges faced in shooting the film, he says, We shot the film between Manali and Kullu during the month of December, where the temperature dropped below minus four degrees Celsius. The other big challenge was to work with children who are visually impaired. So they cannot understand our reactions, and they

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The shipyard Troms Skipsverft put in extra strengthening of the hull, lengthened the ice sheathing down to the keel and improved the interior fittings. In May 1902 the Gj was strengthened with iron in Trondheim and a 13 HP Dan hot bulb motor was put in. This was one of the first petrol engines

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It was awesome just being out there with some of the guys who are key components to the offense. Just the fact that I was able to be out here, I felt like I was blessed, Harris said. I just took it for what it was and went out there and worked hard.. Cheap

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But convincing magazine editors to cover buzz bands is different from creating that buzz herself. The question remains: Can lightning strike again? A lot of people are watching her and watching her label to see what it does, to see if she can continue her streak, Spitz says. People are counting her out, saying

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Norte! Youth Cycling has been a tremendous organization to get kids and adults on bikes in Traverse City. They're active year round, with bike trains to local elementary schools, bike valets and Pie Rides at the National Cherry Festival, plus Bike Night at the Bijou. From the weekly farmer's market to the ultra competitive

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